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Do you work with Mexican clients? Are you making business in Mexico?

It is likely that you will need to get your memos, emails, letters, agreements and other legal documents translated into Spanish for your clients, colleagues and Mexican authorities. No doubt you need to hire a professional, reliable, detail-oriented and native Spanish-speaker legal translator,  with experience in the legal field. 

I can help you


I am a Mexican lawyer and sworn translator appointed by the Federal Judiciary Council of Mexico and specialize in the English to Spanish translation of legal documents, such as: 

  • All kinds of contracts and agreements 

  • Articles of incorporation, Bylaws, General Shareholders' Meetings, Board Meetings, and all kinds of corporate documents

  • Powers of attorney and public instruments of all kinds.

  • Affidavits

  • Documents signed by Notaries Public

  • Letters (proxy letter, letter of intent, etc.)

  • Legal or arbitration proceedings and hearings transcripts

  • Complaints, judgments, appeals, court orders, awards, writs, injunctions....

  • Privacy notices, privacy policies and terms and conditions 

  • Compliance policies (Codes of Ethics, Anti-money laundering policies, etc.)

  • Apostilles

  • Notices, letters and all kinds of communications issued by authorities

  • Negotiable instruments (share certificates, promissory notes, checks...)

  • Birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates

  • Personal identifications (passport, driver's license, school card, insurance card, etc.)

  • Insurance policies

  • Among other documents


Any of these translations can be certified by a sworn translator upon request.

Are you outside Mexico City? We can send a valid electronic certified translation by email or a printed version by mail to anywhere in the world (ask for terms and conditions).

Personal and fully customized service

You will receive a quote in less than 2 hours.

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