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We know that the translation of financial documents is complex and needs to be accurate, because a mistake could be fatal.

That is why the financial translator needs to:

  • Be professional

  • Have experience managing financial documents

  • Be detail-oriented

  • Manage bilingual financial vocabulary

So if you need to translate this kind of documents, you need to choose carefully... the good news is that

I can help you

As a sworn translator appointed by the Federal Judiciary Council of Mexico, I specialize in the English-Spanish translation of financial documents such as:

  • Audited and unaudited financial statements

  • Initial public offerings prospectus

  • Formats to submit before the stock exchanges

  • Financial and banking instruments

  • Tax returns

  • Audit reports

  • Stock documents

  • Bank documents

  • Among others


Any of these translations can be certified by a sworn translator upon request.

Are you outside Mexico City? We can send a valid electronic certified translation by email or a printed version by mail to anywhere in the world (ask for terms and conditions).

Personal and fully customized service

You will receive a quote in less than 2 hours

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