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Translation service terms and conditions

The translation services offered on this website are provided by the natural person Margarita Arizmendi Salem and / or by the legal entity Arsus Consultores, SC, indistinctly (both together and hereinafter, the "Provider", "We" or "Us") to the person who requests and accepts a quote, which will be referred to as the "Client". Said provision of services will be governed by the following terms and conditions.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accepting a translation service quote. In case of accepting a quote for translation services, it will be understood that you accept these terms and conditions. Therefore, if you do not agree, do not accept any quote or order translation services from Us.


  1. Quotes are based on the number of words, pages and format of the source documents.

  2. Translations are quoted according to various criteria, including:

    1. The length of the document to be translated

    2. The delivery format requested by the Client

    3. The delivery period requested by the Client

    4. The term to make the payment requested by the Client

    5. If the Client requests a simple  or sworn translation 

  3. Requests for translations of documents that exceed 1000 words in 24 hours or require work on non-working days are considered urgent, so they may  generate a surcharge of up to 50%, which will be agreed with and must be approved by the Client before the service is provided.

  4. The delivery of the translations will be made at the address that the Client indicates to the Provider, the Client being responsible for the payment of the shipping costs. These expenses will be included in the invoice corresponding to the service. The Customer, by accepting the service, also agrees to pay such shipping costs. If the Client does not wish to pay shipping costs, the Client may collect the translations by his own means at the offices in Mexico City indicated by the Provider.

  5. The delivery deadlines for translation in all cases are counted in business days. Business days are considered all those that are not Saturday or Sunday or mandatory holidays provided in Article 74 of the Federal Labor Law of Mexico. The days for delivery start counting from the business day after we receive confirmation to proceed with the translation. Example: If a delivery is confirmed in 3 business days on Friday, the term will start counting from Monday of the following week, so the delivery would be on Wednesday.

  6. In the event that the Client provides a document for translation that is not legible (in whole or in part), the Provider will contact the Client (by the same means by which the Client commissioned the translation to the Provider) to request the information in a legible format. If the Client does not have legible information, but wants to proceed with the translation, the Provider will put the legend "Illegible text" (or "texto ilegible", if the translation is into Spanish) and will not be responsible for the effects that this has for the Client. In any case, the delivery period will start counting from the date the fully legible information has been delivered to the Provider, or the Provider receives confirmation to  proceed without the legible information.

  7. The Client must make the payment for the translation services within five calendar days after the translation is delivered, unless the Provider and the Client expressly agree on a different term. In the event that the Client does not make the payment within the term indicated herein, the Client agrees to pay a default interest of 5% (five percent) per month or fraction of delayed payment, interest that will begin to accrue from the date of delivery of the translation and until the day of payment, in accordance with Mexican law. In the event that the Provider needs to incur collection costs to ensure that the Client pays any unpaid invoice, the Client agrees to immediately pay all of these collection expenses to the Provider.

  8. The Client accepts that the payment of the translation services provided by the Provider is completely and absolutely independent of any payment that the Client expects to collect from third parties and of any event that occurs between the Client and third parties. Therefore, the Client may not argue that he has not received payment from third parties as a reason for not meeting the term agreed with the Provider.

  9. If the Client cancels the provision of the service after approving a quote by any means, the Provider will send him a report on the progress that has been made up to that moment, and the Client agrees to pay for such progress to the Provider.

  10. The quotes do not include taxes, these will be added or deducted in the corresponding invoice and will be applied in accordance with the legislation in force in the United Mexican States on the invoice date.

  11. The Provider does not guarantee that the translation will serve a specific purpose to the Client.

  12. In the event that the Client disagrees with the translation services provided, the Client will have a period of 15 calendar days after the delivery date to notify the Provider of the anomalies found and these will be corrected at no cost to the Client. After this period, the Provider is not responsible and any correction or revision may import a cost. In any case, returns are not accepted.

  13. In the event that the nonconformity mentioned in the previous point lies in the use of certain terminology, the Client may not allege such nonconformity as a reason to delay or withhold payment and, in case of doing so, said delay will accrue default interest and collection costs , if there are any, as indicated in point 7 above. Therefore, it is suggested that, if the Client has a specific terminology preference, the Client must provide a glossary to the Provider before the translation services begin.

  14. Once a translation has been paid, no returns are accepted and the amount paid for the services will not be refunded in any case,  since the service will have already been provided.

  15. All the information shared by the Client will be considered confidential and at all times will be owned by the Client. Notwithstanding the foregoing, those terminological glossaries that the Provider generates in the course of providing the service, which the Client authorizes to generate, will not be considered as confidential information and will not be owned by the Client.

  16. The Provider will not be responsible for modifications made to the translations once they have been delivered to the Client.

  17. In the event of a dispute arises regarding the translation services, the Client agrees to try to achieve a friendly settlement with the Provider. If this is not possible, through a mutually chosen private mediator appointed by the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City. In the event there is no agreement, the Client and the Provider agree to submit to the courts with jurisdiction in Mexico City, waiving any venue that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile. or for any other reason.

  18. The Client agrees that their personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Notice included in this website.

  19. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

  20. These terms and conditions will govern the translation services rendered by the Provider, unless there is a written agreement signed with the Client, in which case, said agreement will prevail.

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