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Legal and financial actions and processes often require the translation of a large volume of documents, whether they are legal proceedings, audit opinions, evidence in legal proceedings or annexes to legal or financial documents to be submitted to the authorities.

This entails various issues, such as:

(i) the integration of various providers (linguists, terminologists, translators specialized in various fields, support professionals, etc.)

(ii) translation into different language combinations

(ii) the translation of documents from different specialties

(iii) delivery urgency and deadlines (time is of essence)

(iv) lack of knowledge and contact with the best language providers in the market 


We all know that, as a lawyer, accountant or financier you do not have the time to coordinate a translation team , that is why the translation project management service. With this service, you are contacted by a translation project manager with leadership skills and knowledge of the translation industry, who can resolve these issues in the most convenient way for you .


I can help you

With the translation project management service, you will have the following advantages:

  • Single point of contact . You will only have to call a person to know the status of the work of each of the providers involved.

  • High quality supervised . The project manager is responsible for creating glossaries and approve terminology, coordinating all providers.

  • The best value for money for you . The project manager will look for you have the most suitable providers in terms of quality and price for your project

  • Budget control . The project manager is in charge of checking that your project is never gets over the budget without your knowledge, avoiding any "surprises".

  • One-time payment . Make one payment for the whole translation project, and the project manager will be in charge of distributing it among all the providers.

Personal and customized service.

Try it and receive a discount on the first order.

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