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English to Spanish translation (certified or non-sworn translation) of all types of legal documents for natural persons and legal entities, such as:

  • Agreements or other covenants between companies or natural persons.

  • Articles of incorporation and Corporate Bylaws, etc.

  • Corporate agreements and General Shareholders' Meetings, Board Meetings, etc.

  • Powers of attorney and public deeds of all kinds.

  • Letters of all kinds (proxy letter, letter of intent, etc.)

  • Legal or arbitration proceedings and hearings transcripts.

  • Complaints, judgments, appeals, court orders, awards.

  • Privacy notices and terms and conditions 

  • Apostilles

  • Certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, and death.

  • Professional degrees and transcripts or certificates of completed courses.

  • Passports

  • Insurance policies

  • Among other documents


Any of these translations can be certified by an expert translator upon request.

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