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A. Identity and address of the Data Controller

Under the provisions of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals (Spanish acronym for the law, hereinafter, the “LFPD”) and other applicable provisions, Margarita Arizmendi Salem (hereinafter, the "Data Controller"), with registered office, and with address indicated to hear and receive notifications, at Lago Ginebra 60, Int. 214, Cuauhtemoc Pensil, C.P. 11490, Ciudad de México, informs you expressly of the following:

B. Personal data collected and submitted to processing

As for the development of the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, the Data Controller collects the following categories of personal data: Identification and contact data.

C. Processing of sensitive personal data.

The Data Controller may collect your address, bank account and tax identification number only for the purposes of payment or invoicing. Any other sensitive personal data sent through the CONTACT form will be eliminated immediately by the Data Controller, limiting the party’s responsibility to the information provided for this regard.

D. Purpose of the Processing of Data

Original and necessary purposes: Attention to information related to questions, queries, requests for services provision or quotations addressed to the Data Controller by any Data Holder who utilizes the means of contact offered by the Data Controller, and for the provisions of services, invoicing, and collection of payments as well.

Historical and statistical record of the consultations executed.

Additional purposes: There are no additional purposes

E. Transfers of personal data

The Data Controller can carry out the transfer of your personal data for:

Competent authorities; so as to comply with any requirement requested by any of said authorities. Service providers such as accountants for invoicing, collection of payments and any other tax and accounting purposes. Such providers will receive this information only as data processor (“Encargado”).

F. Consent for the transfer of personal data

In order to carry out the aforementioned transfer, we do not require the Data Holder’s consent.

The Data Holder’s personal data will not be transferred to third parties without his or her consent, except for the exemptions set forth in article 37 of the LFPD, and in any case, the Data Holder’s data complies with the conditions established in article 17 of the LFPD Regulation.

G. Exercise of ARCO rights

In all legally appropriate cases, the Data Holder may exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO rights) at all times through our implemented procedures. The corresponding request must comply with the requirements set forth in the current legislation, by writing to our Personal Data Manager, with address at Lago Ginebra 60, Int. 214, Cuauhtemoc Pensil, C.P. 11490, Ciudad de México. The request must contain and be attached with the following information and documentation:

  • Data Holder’s name and address or other means to communicate the response to the Data Holder’s request.

  • Documents proving the Data Holder’s identity or, when applicable, his or her legal representation.

  • The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which said Data Holder seeks to exercise any of the ARCO Rights.

  • Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data.


The Data Controller will inform the Data Holder, within a maximum period of twenty business days, counted as of the date in which said party receives the corresponding request, with the final determination. If the request is appropriate, it will be effective within fifteen business days following the date in which the Data Controller communicates the response. In the event that the information provided in the Data Holder’s application is erroneous or insufficient, or the documents necessary to prove the Data Holder’s identity or the corresponding legal representation are not attached to the request, the Data Controller, within five business days of receiving the Data Holder’s request, will require the rectification of the deficiencies to be able to process such request. In these cases, the Data Holder will have ten business days to comply with the rectification requirement; counted as of the following day said Data Holder received such rectification. The corresponding request will be deemed not filed if the Data Holder does not respond within that period. Alternatively, the Data Holder may send their request to the electronic email , after complying with all the aforementioned requirements, establishing as Subject of the request "ARCO Rights and/or Revocation of Consent". The terms of the procedure will be exactly as those referred to in the previous paragraph. The use of electronic means for the exercise of ARCO rights authorizes the Data Controller to respond to the corresponding request through the same means, unless the Data Holder expressly and clearly indicates otherwise through other means.


The Data Holder can obtain the information or personal data requested through simple copies, electronic documents issued in conventional formats (Word, PDF, etc.), through restricted and authorized access to the system that processes your personal data (access) or through any other legitimate means that guarantees and certifies the effective exercise of the requested right. The Data Holder will be responsible for keeping his or her personal data updated if in the possession of the Data Controller. Therefore, the Data Holder must guarantee and respond, in any case, to the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, and undertakes to keep said data updated, communicating any changes to the Data Controller. 


H. Revocation of consent

The Data Holder may revoke his or her consent to the processing of the holder’s personal data, without retroactive effect, in all cases in which such revocation does not imply the impossibility of fulfilling obligations arising from a legal relationship held between the Data Holder and the Data Controller. The procedure for the revocation of consent, as applicable, will be the same procedure as that established in the immediately preceding section for the exercise of ARCO rights.

I. Limitations to the disclosure of the Data Holder’s personal data

The Data Holder may limit the use or disclosure of his or her personal data by addressing the corresponding request to our Personal Data Department. The requirements to prove the Data Holder’s identity, as well as the procedure to comply with his or her request will be the same as the requirements set forth in section G of this Privacy Notice (Exercise of ARCO rights).

J. Modifications or updates to this Integral Privacy Notice

The Data Controller may modify, update, extend or otherwise change the content and scope of this Privacy Notice, at any time and at said Party’s full discretion. In such cases, the Data Controller will communicate said changes via the Internet page in the "Privacy Notice" section and, when applicable, via email, if said means has been established as a communication channel between the Data Holder and the Data Controller.

Last update: May 3rd, 2019.

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